Udo Gives strives to fulfill our vision of giving hope to humanity. We seek to fulfill this vision through our mission to connect and empower humanity through giving. We need your help! Help us identify worthy candidates for our foundation. Do you know of a deserving person who is struggling? Or are you someone facing a challenge and need help holding on to hope? Either way, let us know about it by filling out this nomination form and returning to jonny@udo.com.

Before filling out a nomination form, please review our qualifying criteria listed to the right. If your nomination meets our criteria, it will move on to the selection process. The selection committee will then make a final determination as to whether the project is approved. Once approved, the project moves into our planning and execution phase and you will be contacted by a project manager.

Qualification Criteria

  • A legal resident or Citizen of the United States of America
  • Not convicted of a felon
  • Able to obtain approval from a doctor, if necessary
  • Unable to fulfill the project on your own
  • You are someone in need (including persons with chronic illness, disability or elderly)
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